Top rated security systems for cars


A car alarm is a device that safeguards your vehicle from theft. It works in different ways e.g. hooting a car horn, disabling the ignition system, or producing an alarm sound. The best security systems facilitate remote arming and disarming of the alarm.

From our top list, you can choose from dynamic features like glass sensors, GPS tracking, keyless entry, and other security elements that make it hard for burglars to steal your precious car. Meet the Clifford 5906X 2-Way security alarm, our top choice, with remote start for the ultimate protection. Stay tuned for details on car alarm fitting.

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What are the Best Features to Look for?

Your new vehicle obviously has a standard alarm but you should ask yourself if it is secure enough. Does it have GPS tracking and other significant features that all car alarm systems ought to have? Nowadays, criminals only need a PC and a blank key to break into your car. That’s why you need an aftermarket security alarm kit with sophisticated features from the remote system to video surveillance. This is especially important if you live in a shady neighbourhood. Some of the aftermarket alarm systems mentioned here are easy to install, but we highly recommend professional installation.

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Reviews of the Top Car Alarm Systems to Buy This Year

Car thefts will never cease regardless of the type of car audio and security system you may have installed in your vehicle. The bottom line is to deter criminal activities and secure your automobile. There is an extensive array of security alarms and remote kits on the market. Some are great but expensive while others are of lower standard and surprisingly affordable. If you have sufficient knowledge to install one, then you are lucky because you will save some dime. Here comes a list of the best 10 security alarm systems.

These car security devices are listed in accordance with their performance, popularity, customer reviews, and ratings. However, what may be suitable for one individual may not be good for you. You also must consider the type of car model you have and your location. Do not overspend for an exquisite car alarm that might be overkill for your needs. For instance, the Prestige alarm is perfect for vehicles valued £300,000 and below and can handle any kind of threat without leaving you broke. If you own a prestigious car, the Viper and Clifford systems are better options but steeper in price. While Viper is below Clifford’s capabilities, it provides the most comprehensive and straightforward control with smartphone integration.

Clifford 5706X 2-Way Alarm System

While this is one of the pricier car security alarms on the market, it has the best overall performance and one of the most sophisticated kits from the Clifford brand that must be installed professionally. It features a high-end one-mile operating range whereby you can get remote notifications on the status of your car in addition to a remote start. Clifford provides one of the best car security locks for first-grade cars such as Mercedes R129SL convertible. With the impressive LCD remote control system, you can start your car, set the alarm, lock and unlock the car remotely. It is one of the few alarm models that have OLED screens on the 2-way remote for the clearest displays. The encryption method of the Clifford is extremely hard to decrypt hence it’s perfect for luxury vehicles.

Viper Start and 2-Way 5704 V Car Alarm with Remote

Are you looking for an alarm system with the best remote-start feature? We present Viper 5704 V, the best car alarm with smartphone integration and dynamic sensors for your car windows, engine, shocks, and doors. The comprehensive easy-to-read security alerts and compatibility with the other brand’s products are impressive. It features a 2-way LC3 remote with one-mile range screen thanks to the Spread Spectrum Technology. With such exceptional control, you will be in a position to respond to priority security alerts because you would know what’s going on around your vehicle. If you decide to buy the Viper alarm, look for the best car alarm installers near me.

Python Responder

Nearly identical to the Viper 5704V, the Python Responder is a good value alarm system. It is manufactured by the same parent company of the Viper model. The only difference is the demographics used to market them. Python turns out to be one of the best car alarm for the value of your money even though its overall performance is below that of Viper. If you live in a big city, Python may not be strong enough to receive signals through the many walls. However, it has a diverse array of alerts from texts to visual messages found in the Viper.

AVITAL 5303L Remote Start System

This is a 3-channel keyless entry alarm which is highly rated online. It has a remote start capability that enables the car engine to start without actually turning the key. This is one of the car security systems you need to warm up your car during the chilly mornings. It features a red indicator (a visual deterrent), 3-button transmitter, light parking flash, and dome light supervision. Its Failsafe starter hampers any attempt to hotwire your car. You can switch to several modes including the Valet to disarm the alarm when the vehicle is being washed and the Panic mode that triggers an aggressive sound and flashes parking lights.

Prestige APS510E

Another budget car alarm that’s compatible with a vast array of car models is the Prestige APS510E with a 2-way LCD remote start. It has a broad assortment of features: a glass mount antennae, programmed transmitter, LED light, remote panic, door-lock alert, parking meter count and intrusion alert. The remote control system means you can start your vehicle when you are a distance away. The most impressive thing about Prestige APS510E is the affordable price which you wouldn’t expect to get such a wide spectrum of features that are mostly found in costly security systems.

Crimestopper Deluxe Alarm

The Crime Stopper security device provides wonderful value and anything else you would want from an aftermarket security system. For your peace of mind, you get a lifetime warranty when you make a purchase so you can get a reduced insurance premium. As an entry-level car alarm, it has a single-tone siren, slim style transmitters, shock sensor, keyless entry system, a double unlock pulse, starter-kill output system, and an emergency override feature. When it detects an impact, the shock sensor makes an alarming sound while the starter-kill will prevent thugs from hot-wiring your vehicle. It is one of the easiest alarms to install.

Pyle PWD701 Security System

This car alarm system comes with an advanced security kit featuring a sensitive impact detector, dual-tone siren, transmitters, and LED indicator. You can extend the safety capabilities of your car with additional features of the Pyle PWD701 such window roll up and keyless entry. The LED status indicator act as visual deterrents and they are efficient at scaring away thieves. Then there is the anti-carjack feature discouraging anybody who wants to hot-wire your car. Moreover, the 120-decibel alarm is sufficiently loud to alert you if a burglar tries one of their tricks.

Viper 350 3105V 1-Way Security Alarm

This is another popular aftermarket car security gadget from Viper. This 3-channel, one-way system boasts keyless entry, remote start, and GPS tracking. It is famous for various reasons such as the FailSafe starter kill and anti-jacking modules that ensure no criminal drives away with your vehicle. If a thief chucks a stone at the window, they can manage to get away with anything you’ve left inside. However, the alarm outputs a loud 6-tone siren that can awake anyone from their deepest sleep. Another favourable characteristic of Viper 350 is the blue LED light that tells intruders to keep their hands off your vehicle.

EASYGUARD EC002 Smart Key Alarm

This is a distinctive security alarm that features a keyboard entry system that’s different from other car alarms. It also has a button for starting the car. The keyboard system makes it one of the easiest alarms to use without messing with transponders. One of the unique features of the Easyguard EC002 is a push to start button that enables you to start your car without the keys, something that’s very useful when you need to warm up your vehicle. Since the alarm system requires a lot of wiring, it is advisable to find a professional installer. Even though the brand is not so popular, it will not disappoint you – especially with its competitive price.

Code Alarm CA6554

This is the only car alarm system that may be fitted to two separate vehicles. It may not have the fanciest or the most high-end features, but it is generally very convenient. The most expensive element of the alarm is the remote controller since it can control two car alarms from a single point. There is even a timer system that will let you start the car at the same time each day and you don’t necessarily need the remote for that. Therefore, if you want to track your parking meter times, Code Alarm CA6554 will suit your needs. The downside of this security system is lack of encrypted passcodes for the impact sensors.

Summarised Car Alarm Buying Guide

You could be living in a sketchy estate with a high crime rate. Perhaps all you want is the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe. For this, you need to install the best aftermarket car security system. We highly recommend the 2-way Clifford alarm whose all-encompassing kit is second to none. If you want an outstanding remote start mechanism, then the two Viper models would serve you best. Their LCD remote is better than the competitors. In addition to an alarm, consider other security measures like window tinting and high-end locking wheel nuts.

Since we are living in a digital age, you inevitably need a mobile device. If you can incorporate your car security camera into your tablet, why not have a smartphone-integrated car alarm? This is a feature you will find in high-end models such as Viper 5704V 2-Way Alarm.

You also need a security system that tracks the location of your car. One of the impressive options for GPS tracking is the Viper 350 3105V car alarm. But the most important thing is to make the theft of your car harder for the unscrupulous thugs and potentially save you from a great financial loss. If what you need is the best value for your money and still enjoy a great variety of features, the Prestige APS510E is the way to go.