Best fog light bulbs and lamps for your car


Fog light bulbs, in conjunction with headlamps, act as both functional and aesthetic pieces. They help you to see clearly when the weather is foggy or rainy and can improve the appearance of your car’s exterior. We know that car owners have different tastes and preferences. As such, we have scoured the internet to get you a selection of the top 10 fog light designs. Choose one that suits you. Our best recommendation is the 2PSC Nilight LED fog light.

Why Your Car Needs Fog Lights

Driving on a misty day is always challenging. The fog and rain impair your vision, and you need the best Ford Fiesta rear fog light for your car in such a critical condition. The fog lights are different from headlights in many ways. For instance, it produces a broad light beam which is bar-shaped and features a pointed horizon cutoff with bright focus on the lower side and a dark focus on the upper side. As such they give more foreground light than typical headlights.

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Reviews and Comparisons of the Best Fog Light Bulbs and Lamps 2018

Fog lights are beneficial in many ways. The models we are about to review herein are versatile, lightweight, and compact. They don’t need much power to operate and their lifespan exceeds 50 thousand hours. If you are searching for the ideal LED rear fog light, you’re probably perplexed by the sheer number of models on the market. But there is one thing for sure: you want to stay safe behind the wheel during the foggy weather.

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Nilight LED Fog Lights

Our number one market product is the advanced LED Nilight Light Bar. With both RoHS and CE certification, you know you are getting the perfect front fog light symbol for your outdoor adventures when the weather is not favourable. It is the best light for your Jeep, 4 by 4 truck, or any other off-road vehicle. It operates at 10V to 32V and only takes up 18 Watts of power. The exterior of the Nilight Led lights is a waterproof metallic enclosure (IP67 waterproof rating). You can expect more than 30 thousand hours of light from this model. The kit, which comes with double units, has the best value for your money.

OPT7 Fluxbeam LED Bulbs

Are you searching for the perfect Audi A3 fog light grill? The Fluxbeam LED bulbs should be your best bet. Their cool white colour is classy, plus the 35 thousand lumens per bulb will give you the brightest light as they are 5 times brighter than typical halogen lamps. About the installation, you only need 20 minutes to complete the whole process. They are versatile in that they can fit into any car’s CPU. It doesn’t matter how bad the rain or snow is, you have nothing to worry about because its fan and driver are safely housed in a waterproof casing. It is designed with modular heat protection technique that guarantees 50 thousand hours of LED light.

Auxbeam CREE LED Fog Light

Like the Nightlight, the Auxbeam is a 2-piece kit specifically made for off-road vehicles, boats, and SUVs. The dual foglights have a sturdy body made of aluminum and so can cope with just any kind of weather. It is very energy-efficient so it won’t drain your car battery. The operating voltage is 6V to 32V and you can expect 50 thousand hours of light from each LED pod. The two units can generate between 1260 and 188 lumens, something that can handle any kind of fog.


For those of you who do not want to install a large light, these LED fog light bulbs are the perfect solution. Simply replace your car’s existing bulbs with these, and see an incredible difference when you drive in difficult weather conditions. Customers who bought this product report feeling much safer while driving than previously. These bulbs also function as effective daytime lights, whether the weather conditions are bright or dull.

Tonsee 2pc 8LED Daytime Driving Running Light

If you’re after a low-cost light, then the Tonsee wins hands-down, at an incredible £1.77 for a pair. The lights should be fixed to the front bumper and are easily connected to the power outlet. It may not be as powerful as the other products in this list, but if all you want is a bit of extra visibility on misty nights, then this is a great product.

Philips CrystalVision Headlights

These HID bulbs produce a blue tint in full-light but most of the beam is bright white. The bulbs are an upgrade of the OEM lights that normally give a yellowish beam. Choose these high-performance Halogen bulbs if you want the brightest down-road for better clarity and safety. A unique filament, a lamp coating, and propriety mixture of gases are the elements that produce the whitest and brightest colour. If you are buying the bulbs for replacement, you don’t need any ballast because they fit directly into your vehicle.

JDM Star DRL Bulbs

JDM Star consumes 10W of power to produce sufficient light for a foggy road when driving at night. From the customer reviews and ratings, the JDM star fog lights are among the best products on Amazon. You can install them on your sports car or SUV. They guarantee a lifespan of 10 thousand hours of light, and you can switch them out at any time to add a little touch to your car design. As for the installation, only 5 minutes are required to plug and play. You will love the ultra-bright light of 6000k with a slight blue tint. Each of the two fog light bulbs gives a 5-micro LED light, so you get a total of 10LED lights.

Everso Fog Lamp

For the low price of just £5.49, get this pair of light strips that will fit under your headlights. Each strip consists of nine small lamps in a row, and the whole strip is bendy and flexible so that it fits easily to the contours of the vehicle. For such a small price, these bright white lights really pack a punch, and satisfied customers were pleasntly surprised at the difference they made.

OPT7 H11 Cree LED DRL Foglight

If you are looking for a fog lamp with the highest lifespan, then the Cree LED DRL is your ideal choice. It guarantees 60 thousand hours of light which is more than any of their competition. The bulb utilizes its own LED technology, making it distinct from other similar products on the market. Choose the Cree LED lights if you want the perfect DRL fog light conversion.

Lightfox CREE Flood LED Light

Do you want to experience broad daylight driving amidst cloudy weather? The 2-piece Lightfox LED bulbs which feature patented reflectors are your perfect match. The high-intensity Cree LED chips are the rationales for the ultra bright light. Moreover, the upgraded Cree chips and lamp cups offer a broad illumination that ensure clear visibility on the two sides of the road. The cooling function of the LED light is so excellent thanks to the aluminum alloy sinks which safeguard the bulbs from overheating. They are applicable in SUVs, buses, boats, motorcycles, heavy equipment, and off-road trucks.

Thoughts On Choosing The Best Fog Light

You have noted from our top ten list that there are many factors that come into play when deciding on the best front or rear fog light. By now, you should be sure of which light your car needs. Pur top recommendation is the Nilight model, but there are plenty of options if you only need a more modest setup.

In the competitive market of fog lamps, a lot of manufacturers are producing unique styles and designs. Always go for the one that fits your vehicle and budget as well. And don’t forget to consider the other important factors, such as colour, design, installation process, and size. After buying one of the 10 fog lamps we suggest, you can hire a professional to install them or do the work yourself.

They will not only give you a safe drive during heavy downpours and fog, but they will also add sophistication and style to your car. Choose your ideal LED fog lights for longevity, light focus, and clarity. 

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