Best wiper blades to buy


It’s agreed that windscreen wipers are fundamental safety features. Why then would you forget to replace your broken Hyundai i10 rear wiper blade until you are hit with a heavy downpour? You not only need these car accessories during the rainy seasons but also for maintaining a clean view on a dusty road. Good wipers must fit into your vehicle properly. Top-rated wipers cannot let you down so it is important to always go for quality and durability. To cut to the chase, our team at have picked Bosch as the best wiper blades you could ever have this year.

best wiper blades

What are the common types of windshield wipers?

Wipers are classified into 3 categories: beam, conventional and hybrid. Beam blades are curved in nature and can adapt to different windscreen shapes. Conventional blades have a flat and straight design made of thin rubber and a metal frame. Hybrid blades, the best wiper blades UK, have the combined features of the beam and conventional wipers. They are more effective and less noisy than the other two types. Be careful when choosing wiper blades for your new car as new cars often have arched windshields to minimize wind drag; so you need curved wipers.

What are the best wiper blades to buy?

Did you know you can prolong the quality and lifespan of your wipers with a wiper blade cutter? Yes, you can save on replacement cost and protect the environment too. Having a pair of wipers that fit perfectly into your vehicle is not all you need. There are various factors that come into play as far as quality wiper blades go e.g. durability. You want something that can cope with harsh weather. When it comes to shopping for a pair of wiper blades, the cost is not always a guarantee of high quality, so how should you choose?

Nonetheless, most of the expensive blades provide a better fit and last longer. We have studied both expensive and cheap blades on Amazon and came up with the reviews of the top-rated models you want to check out.

These premium blades can withstand tough wind and give you a longer service which is worth their prices. You can always upgrade your car with top-notch blades. Don’t forget to use a wiper blade trimmer to keep them sharper.

Bosch H312 Car Specific Rear Wiper Blade

We start off with a rear wiper blade from Bosch, which is designed for certain cars. If you are not sure whether this will fit your model of vehicle, use the handy tool a the top of the page in Amazon UK. For example, if you need to buy a Hyundai i30 rear wiper blade, then you will see from the tool that this product is in fact not compatible with that car,

AERO Flat Wiper Blades for Cotroen

In your very first time to replace windshield wipers, you might not know the right wiper blade size. What you need is OEM (original equipment manufacturer) blades i.e. wipers that correspond to the brand of your car. The AERO is a reputable brand which provides a vast array of wiper blades for different car brands. So, you have nothing to worry about when trying to find the right size.

These blades feature a rubber material and aerodynamic design that minimizes noise, wind lift, and drag. The frameless beam prevent the wipers from getting stuck when there is an accumulation of snow on the windscreen.

Valeo Silencio Flat Wiper Blade Set

If you ever need all-time wiper blades, the Valeo 900221B Frameless and sleek wipers would be your best choice. They can withstand almost any kind of weather, making them some of the most reliable wipers. During strong windy conditions, they do not slip off thanks to their dynamic flat design which is crafted as one rubber piece as opposed to similar wipers that feature two connected rubber pieces. This facilitates a better high-speed performance, clearing your vision and wiping off the debris. As the name suggests, they are also very quiet.

Anco 31-18 Wiper Blade 18 Premium

Anco wiper blade 31 series is the ideal choice if you are an enthusiastic DIYer. With the KwikConnect installation system, you can do a flawless job. You will be alerted if you have mounted the wipers properly or improperly. These blades come in different sizes ranging from 10″ to 20″. The fact that they are less expensive than some of the more popular models doesn’t mean that they are less efficient. You can expect superior performance thanks to the numerous features of the Anco blades. One of the greatest features is the DuraKlear rubber which keeps your windshield streak-free any time the blades moves.

Trico Fit EX351 Wiper Blade

Coming in at number five is the Fit EX351 wiper blade. It has the most reasonable price in the online market, making it superior to many windshield wipers. Ranging from 14″ to 26″, it can fit into a wide array of vehicles, if not all. The installation of this blade is so easy that you can do it yourself, and the seller offers a two-week return policy for any reason whatsoever. A popular and high quality product for the price.

Michelin Stealth Wiper Blade

Coming in a range of sizes, finding the right Michelin Stealth blade is not a big issue. The wiper has a frame plus smart hinge that holds together the whole wiper system on the windscreen. No snow, rain, or dust can collect on the smart hinge because it is enclosed. On the extreme ends of the wiper are independent suspensions which enable the blade to fit precisely along the glass curves. Generally, this is the fairest wiper blade in terms of price. Moreover, it is compatible with a great number of car models.

PIAA 95055 Super Silicone Wiper

The PIAA super silicone wiper blade has received a lot of positive reviews from consumers. One of the superior aspects of this blade is that it is more durable than the conventional wiper designs. The powerful patented silicone rubber helps it to withstand UV radiations during the hot season. During the rainy season, the wiper leaves a water-resistant silicone which makes sure that no watermarks remain behind. As it rains, the water droplets cannot stick to the windscreen but instead slide down slowly. What more would you ask for? PIAA 95055 are one of the best wiper blades for your money.

Rain-X Winter Wiper Blade

If you buy the Rain X Winter wipers today, you don’t need to pay an extra penny for installation because you can do it yourself! These wiper blades have been specially designed to cope with the harsher weather conditions experienced during the winter, and they deal very well with heavy rain, snow and sleet. The blades have a pressure point system, which means that there is more even contact with the windscreen and therefore reduces the amount of smearing. Smeared screens are not only a nuisance; they can be dangerous as well.

Bosch A556S Wiper Blades

If there is one wiper blade that will keep your windshield clean at all times, it is the Bosch A556S. It features aerodynamic and symmetrical spoilers hence you get a consistent action with each wipe. Another outstanding feature is the patented bracketless design that provides unique resistance to ice and snow for better visibility.

The wiper blades are designed with precisely-cut natural rubber which effectively removes any debris, or drops of water that may land on the screen. Rest assured that the wipers will function optimally even if you are driving at a greater speed. The other premium quality is the precision-tension springs that apply even pressure along the blade length for clearer visibility.

X. Bosch Aerotwin Front Wiper Set

It is another exceptional wiper from Bosch, the renowned brand for a wide array of quality automotive products. It has a special dual rubber coat which is precisely cut to provide a natural wiping edge. When rainwater, snow, dust, or debris fall on your windshield, they are removed immediately. The precision-tension steel springs help the wiper blades to stick to the screen and exert uniform pressure along the glass surface. You can expect the same effect even when your car is speeding up.

In addition, you can get special adaptors from the manufacturer. These adaptors ensure that the Bosch Aerotwin fits perfectly on your windshield. So, the blade will be identical to the initial wipers you got from your car manufacturer. You can also install Bosch Aerotwin without much effort. However, this product is relatively expensive. Always keep in mind the good qualities of the wiper blade. Most customers who are thrilled by its performance give it a five-star rating.

A Summary of the Best Wiper Blades

When you visit an automobile shop to get some wiper blade refills, you should consciously pick the best available option with regards to your specific needs. You will get a wide variety of wiper blade materials including rubber, silicone, and coatings. If you need budget-friendly options, go for the rubber blades. However, they might not serve you for a long time.

If you don’t want to deal with replacements now and then, choose the rubber coated wipers or the silicone blades. The latter are the most durable but you will pay a higher price. Make sure that before you pay for a wiper blade, you know the right size. Remember that they don’t always work in a similar manner for every car. Many factors can make or break their performance.

All our 10 recommended wipers provide a versatile fit and most of them come with the necessary adaptors to ensure easy installation and accommodation to most cars. Some of the blades are cheaper, but they may not be as durable and so may not save you money in the long term. Another thing you should keep in mind is that both summer and winter conditions are not favourable for the wipers. Snow is especially detrimental to these items and so is harsh UV light.

There are wiper blades which are designed uniquely for winter like the Rain-X items. These ones are more flexible and they prevent ice from getting stuck on the blades. Other brands provide protective coatings which keep off the snow from the moving parts of the wiper. Blades made of softer rubber do not stiffen during cold weather and so they guarantee efficiency throughout. We hope that this review has enabled you to shop for a wiper blade which will give you maximum safety as you drive in any kind of weather or time of the day.