Best microfiber towels and cloths


Microfiber towels and cloths are a great way to dry surfaces quickly. With their highly absorbent properties, a single wipe is enough to dry wet surfaces. Car detailing experts choose microfiber towels and cloths because they absorb moisture fast. And, avoid scratching and swirling marks as the microfibers pick up dirt.

Microfiber towels are also great to use as beach towels, travel towels and sports towels. As well as for home cleaning. With so many microfiber towels available in the market these days.. How do you know which microfiber towel is best for your needs? In this article, we provide tips on how to choose the best microfiber cloth.

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How To Choose A Microfiber Towel or Cloth

Microfiber towels and cloths are categorised according to density and can be selected based on their thickness, blend and size. The microfiber density is measured in grams per square meter (GSM). And a higher density towel means a thicker and heavier towel.

They come in various sizes, from small cleaning cloths to large microfiber beach towels. The more microfibers there are in a towel, the better it absorbs and cleans. Microfiber is a blend of two materials, polyester and polyamide. A ‘microfiber blend’ is the ration of polyester to polyamide. The more polyester, the better the quality of cloth.

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Best Microfiber Towels To Buy in 2018

To save you time and energy, we’ve identified the best microfiber towels and cloths currently available, backed up by real customer reviews. We’ve selected what we consider to be the top ten. And our list includes microfiber towels and cloths of all types and sizes suitable for sports, home cleaning, car-washing, etc. As well as microfiber towels beach that will dry you in a flash after swimming, and towels you use for yoga.

Here’s our list of the top ten best microfiber towels and cloths of 2018:,,,,,,,,,

Trehai Lint-Free Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

At 840 GSM, these microfiber cleaning cloths are high density. It means that the cloths are highly packed with microfibers. It makes it ultra-absorbent and great for car waxing, polishing and for general car cleaning. Applying a single wipe using the Trehai Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is sufficient to wipe away polish. And aloso quickly absorb water after a wash. Additionally, wiping with the Trehai Microfiber cloth leaves no smear or streak trail even after a single wipe. These high quality microfiber towels car clean easily in a washing machine. And, come in a pack of three towels. More than 100 people who have used this Trehai 840gsm Microfiber Auto Detailing Towel have highly recommended it.

Quick Dry Sports Travel Towel

Don’t be deceived by this large microfiber towel. Its large size of 130 x 80 cm is perfect for a bath towel or beach towel. But, it is also lightweight and ultra absorbent. Best of all this Quick Dry Sports and Travel Towel is highly compact and can fit into a small bag. And, you even get a handy-size carry bag with a purchase of this microfiber towel! Unlike other microfiber towels and cloths, this Quick Dry Sports. And Travel Towel by Bodi Hut is also made of antibacterial materials. It makes it best used as a sports towel or gym towel.

Extra Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloths by CamKix

These Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, which come in a pack of 20 cloths, are soft with fine microfibers leaving absolutely no scratches, streaks or marks. Unlike large weave microfiber cloths which can harbour minute amounts of dust that can scratch lenses, these microfiber cleaning cloths by CamKix are safe for all surfaces and lenses, including iPad screens, and TV monitors. Best of all, these Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are lint free, smear free, and chemical free. It makes it easy to clean eyeglasses, iPads and monitors without applying additional solutions. Measuring 12 by 12in, they are approximately the size of a handkerchief. And, they are individually packed in a resealable pack making them great value of money.

Microfibre Towel with Carry Bag by The Little Bodhi

The microfibre towel with carry bag by The Little Bodhi comes in in a pack of three towels with three different sizes: medium, large and extra large. These microfibre towels are lightweight, compact, super absorbent, dry fast and the carry bag which comes with the purchase is great for travelling. The towels are also made of antibacterial material for odour prevention. The Microfibre towel by The Little Bodhi is great for traveling, going to the gym or the beach or even for everyday bathing at home. Its high quality which means that you can use it for everyday use and wash it daily, with it still staying super absorbent and soft.

AmazonBasics Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

AmazonBasic Microfibre Cleaning Cloths are super absorbent and non-abrasive which means that they won’t scratch surfaces or coating. The AmazonBasic Microfibre Cleaning Cloths materials can absorb up to eight times its own weight and can trap dust, grime and other particles easily. They are best for home cleaning such as kitchen tops, bathrooms, and for general car wash. They can withstand daily machine washing so can be reused multiple times. For the price, the AmazonBasic Microfibre Cleaning Cloths provide excellent value for good quality, durable general purpose cleaning cloths as they come in a pack of six towels with three different colors.

Microfibre Towel by Fit-Flip

The Microfibre Towel by Fit-Flip is highly absorbent, lightweight, compact and comes with a button loop to easily hang the towel. It also has antibacterial properties which prevent the growth of bacteria, making it perfect for sport or gym use. The towel by Fit-Flip is of high quality, with a blend of 80% polyester/20% polyamide, which means that the towel has high absorption rate. A carrier bag comes with a purchase of the Microfiber Towel. However, it is best to note that a purchase of this towel by Fit-Flip is for a single towel only, except for the towel sizes of 50 x 30 cm or 80 x 40 cm, which then come in a pack of two.

Microfibre Magic Cleaning Cloths by Robert Scott and Sons Limited

The Microfibre Magic Cleaning Cloths by Robert Scott and Sons Limited consist of a pack of 20 towels of 40 x 40 cm in size. The microfiber towels are great for use in general cleaning of home surfaces and for car washing and polishing. The Microfibre Magic Cleaning Cloths contain antibacterial cleaning action formulated into the cloths and can safely be used on any surface including wood, kitchens, glass surfaces. They are highly durable, and can last even after many washes in the washing machine. For the number of towels in the pack of Microfiber Magic Cleaning Cloths and the high quality materials, these are a bargain and must have.

Quick Drying Microfibre Towel by Big Jim

The Microfibre Towel, Quick Drying, Extra Large by Big Jim is perfect for large or tall men and women and for people who have an active lifestyle. The towel has superior absorption properties as it is able to absorb water up to eight times its own weight. This makes a perfect towel for swimmers, for beach lovers or just simply working out at the gym. Measuring 180 x 90 cm, it may be jumbo sized but it is also lightweight weighing 330g. It is surprisingly compact and thin, at only 2 mm in thickness. When rolled up or folded, the extra large towel becomes very compact and fits easily into any traveling bag, making it a great traveling towel as well.

Carsio all-Purpose Washable Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

The Carsio all-Purpose Microfiber Cleaning Cloths come with a stated limited one year warranty. These soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloths can be used on any surface as they won’t cause scratches, even on paints or coatings, which makes them excellent cleaning cloths for car washing and polishing. Unlike other microfiber cleaning cloths, the Carsio all-Purpose Microfiber Cleaning Cloths can be used for industrial cleaning as well as for the home. Best of all, a single purchase of Carsio all-Purpose Washable Microfiber Cleaning comes in a pack of 60 cleaning cloths measuring 30 x 40 cm in size. Given the quality, warranty and number of cloths, this is undoubtedly a real bargain!

Kiirie Microfibers Cleaning Cloths

The Microfibers Cleaning Cloths by Kiirie is specifically for gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces such as eyeglasses, smartphones, iPads, watch, jewellery, crystal and camera lenses. The Kiirie Microfiber Cleaning Cloths consist of a blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, which is the optimum microfiber blend, and is ultra-soft and lint-free. A purchase of this Kiirie Microfiber Cleaning Cloths comes in a pack of 7 cleaning cloths, are individually wrapped. And, even has a one year money back guarantee. It is highly recommended by many people who have used the Kiirie Microfiber cleaning cloths.

So Which Microfiber Towels Are the Best?

Depending on the purpose for the microfiber towels, and on your own budget, the top ten list above provides an excellent selection of the best microfiber cloths and towels for either home or car cleaning, or home bathing, sports or travelling.

The microfiber towels UK are all of high quality, durable and ultra-absorbent. And, give great value for money. Some even offer warranties or money-back guarantees, making these microfiber towels the best purchases currently available.

So why settle for the low quality, cheap microfiber towels Asda, when instead you can choose from a range of high-quality, value-for-money towels online? The top ten microfiber towels and cloths we’ve listed here have been proven to be best-sellers. And, have many testimonials from happy customers who often buy the same items again and again.

If you need to another towel or cleaning cloth to replace your old one, or you’re trying out microfiber for the first time, you should take a closer look at the top ten list of best Microfiber Towels and Cloths to buy in 2018. After all, shopping online only takes a click of a button. No queues or parking to worry about!