Best car leather cleaner and conditioners


Leather upholstery in your car exudes class and style. However, the effect can only be achieved by getting the perfect leather cleaner. We are here to give you tips on how to maintain leather in your car. We go the extra mile and now, after extensive research, present some of the leather cleaners we would recommend for you. Start saying goodbye to stains, and embrace comfort and style as you travel. These tips and products will definitely make leather care much easier for you.

Proper Care for Leather Upholstery

You should regularly wipe your leather with a damp cloth, paying particular attention to the crevices. Once in a while, roughly every 6 months, use proper cleaning materials.

This helps maintain the quality of your leather. For clean and soft leather, Dodo Juice Supernatural Leather Cleaner comes highly recommended.

It works superbly and is designed to keep your seats looking brand new. Be sure to protect your seating from direct sunlight. This will increase the longevity and preserve the quality of your leather if want to be extra careful make sure to use car seat covers.

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Best Leather Cleaner Products: 2018 Reviews

Different types of leather upholstery need different methods of maintainance. The best conditioners will keep your leather soft and supple. The best leather cleaner ensures maintenance of natural oils. However, be sure to check the care label on your furniture in order to note any requisite special treatments. The products are of good quality and will add moisture, colour and a layer of protection to your leather item. Conditioned leather is waterproof and benefits from improved longevity, so all bases are covered.

Leather furniture cleaner product guide:

Autoglym Leathercare Balm

This type of leather cleaner has a pH that is neutral and hence safe for the user’s hands. It is also carefully blended with soaps, natural oils and waterproofing agents. This not only moisturises but also nourishes your leather. Autoglym Leather Cleaner does not give your leather unnatural gloss. Instead, it gives a natural matt appearance. This keeps it crack-free. For best results when the climate is hot, apply more often. This helps preserve the appearance of your leather.

Lexol Leather Care Kit

Lexol Care products keep your leather clean and healthy, and their agents have a way of loosening and lifting dirt, making for easier wiping and a soft texture with no cracks. The conditioner strengthens your leather as it nourishes. Lexol keeps your upholstery looking so sleek. The leather care kit helps you preserve and beautify your leather items and prevent ageing. The kit also has sunscreen components which protect your leather from the sun’s rays by filtering them. Always mindful that leather comes from a living membrane, Lexol products have a means of preventing decomposition, and this makes the product reliable.

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner

If you are keen to prolong the life of your accessories, Leather Honey is the right recipe for you. It works for both new and old pieces, giving them the desired natural look. It works by conditioning old leather and softening the new. It is repellent to water, snow and rain. An application once every six months is enough to give you excellent results. It instantly restores the quality in leather, and leaves it looking beautiful. Unlike most conditioners, it offers the highly-commended nubuck leather care. Try it on your accessories and get those amazing results which will ensure your car gets the thumbs up.

Astonish Leather Cleaner

This product protects and restores your leather accessories, by nourishing and replacing nutrients to prevent the hardening which causes cracking. Its unique formula gives excellent results by thoroughly cleaning any leather and restoring its natural look. It helps to remove stains and restore colour. It has an additional component for hand protection, so you needn’t worry about accidental spills! It is cruelty-free and has been tested by the Leather Technology Centre for pigmented leather. Astonish Leather Cleaner gives a soft and supple feel, and its guaranteed protection makes it a deal to go for.

Chamberlain’s Leather Milk

This is among those leather care products made with natural ingredients, giving it high marks for quality. It has a light almond fragrance which is appealing. It also dissipates quickly, making your leather look as good as it smells. You can definitely count on the quality of this product. It also deepens the lighter shades of leather, since it fully penetrates the pores, ensuring optimum results. This leather care item has water-repellent qualities, thereby also ensuring the protection of those valuable leather items from warping and cracking.

Renapur Clean and Feed Kit

Renapur contains only natural ingredients. This not only makes it safe for the leather but also for your hands. It also feeds, nourishes, restores life and gives greater longevity to your valuable leather pieces. The original softness and colour of the leather is also preserved and retained. This leather upholstery cleaner is waterproof, hence offering protection from snow, water and rain. It can be used on all colours of leather and is guaranteed to give good results. It is also cost effective, because it can be diluted numerous times without losing its cleansing power. Since it is made from natural products, it is biodegradable and safe for the environment

Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather Conditioner

This leather cleaner is infused with aloe, which leaves your leather with a natural feel. It maintains the original look of any accessory, and never leaves behind an unnatural gloss or glow. This product is applied by hand and is safe for the user. It protects your leather from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which would otherwise cause cracking and hardening. It has a balanced pH and is equipped with moisturising oils. Quite simply, it cleans, conditions and protects your leather, which is exactly what you would want it to do. It is a fine leather car seat cleaner that will leave you enjoying your ride for a long time to come.

Gliptone Leather Conditioner

This comes in two types: GT12 and GT11. GT12 is what you need to clean dirty leather which has been neglected for a while, leaving your leather clean and soft. G11, on the other hand, is what you need to restore a great look. It is also water-repellent, as well as offering protection from the sun’s rays, and requiring no polishing. Between them, these Gliptone kits achieve amazing results and never disappoint. Adding one of them to your shopping list will set up a potentially great transformation of the interior of your car.

Ruskin Leather Cream and Conditioner

This is an all-purpose cream made with reputable ingredients that leave your leather items fit and healthy. The packaging is nice and comes with a cloth. It also contains an antibacterial formula which reduces health hazards and guarantees protection from allergens. It is far and away the safest leather cream on the market; protects leather from cracking by keeping it subtle and soft; and has an anti-ageing formula that keeps your accessories looking good as new and stunning

Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner

Unlike other products on the market, this one will definitely not darken your leather items. It is suitable for use on all types of leather, as it has a favorable pH and mild chemicals. It does a great job of giving leather an original look and feel. This product meets and exceeds consumer expectations, giving total satisfaction by offering protection from cracking and ageing. This has contributed to its numerous positive customer reviews from all sources. It is also comparatively cost-friendly, so saves you some bucks into the bargain.

Choosing the Right Leather Cleaner

Now that you know the best brands, it is important to know how to choose the right one for your purposes. Make sure you know the type of leather you want to treat so that you can get the right conditioner. Also, ensure the pH is safe for your hands. Leather conditioner should be affordable, but don’t just choose from cheap ones, since their quality is often not the best. By the same token, neither is being expensive an assurance of good quality. Follow our recommendations in this guide for the best results.

Treat your car well and with great care to keep it in good nick. Ensure you avoid too much exposure to direct sunlight, moisture and heat. These are likely to cause rapid ageing of and damage to your leather, either from warping or cracking. Gently wipe with a damp cloth to remove dust; condition at least twice a year for best results; and keep reviewing what other consumers are saying about new products which could be improved. Your car deserves good treatment and you deserve a comfortable ride every day, so keep these tips close to you and stay happy. Follow these guidelines in your choice of a car leather cleaner and we assure you that your upholstery or car interior will keep shining every day.