Garage workbench ideas


If you’ve got projects going on in your garage, you’ll want to keep things in order so you can work more efficiently. A solid garage workbench will enable you to work with ease and accessibility, allowing you the space to focus on precision and foster creativity.

So it’s worth taking the time to think about garage workbench ideas that will enhance the quality of your workmanship and make completing your tasks pleasurable. Setting the scene is important – your work will flow against a tailor-made background. If you don’t own one already, a garage is not compleate without a car creeper to assist when working on your back.

High-Quality Workbenches

new garage workbench, you need to ensure that it is of excellent quality. This means that there are many things that you need to consider regarding the workbench. First, it must be solid and sturdy. One that is too flimsy and weak could crash on you and damage your project. The workbench must be the right height to ensure your comfort when you are working on your projects.

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Best Garage Workbench to Buy 2018 – with Reviews

There is a whole slew of garage workbenches to choose from, but that does not mean that they are all created the same. That is why we present the best ones with detailed reviews to help inform you about their qualities. This will make your buying decision about your next workbench much easier. The process will be hassle free when you know which ones are among the best to consider.

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Workbench & Drawer + Pegboard, Red BPSCA

The Workbench & Drawer + Pegboard Red BPSCA is made by Clarke International. This is a hefty workbench for your garage that allows you plenty of work space for your projects. It is sturdy, which means you can have confidence that it can handle heavy objects. Furthermore, you will enjoy the convenience of both the drawer and the pegboard to store various tools and other items. This is indeed a top-quality workbench that you can rely on for many projects.

Garden Mile 2 Tier Black Heavy Duty Industrial Boltless Garage Workbench

You are going to love how easy it is to put together the Garden Mile 2 Tier Black Heavy Duty Industrial Boltless Garage Workbench, as it does not require any special tools for its construction. This is because the slotted parts make installation extra simple and super fast. This allows you to get at your various projects right away. It provides ample work surface and having the extra ,second surface, provides good storage space for tools and items needed to complete your project.

Seville HD Rolling Workbench Wood Top, Four Drawer, One Cabnet Garage Storage

This Seville HD Rolling Workbench has a classy wood top that will match any decor in your garage or workshop. This is a delightful workbench, as it has the necessary storage that many consumers desire. It has four drawers and one cabinet. Also, this device is not stationary, which means that it can be conveniently rolled to whichever area you need it to be. For example, if you need to be near an electrical outlet to work with an electric tool, simply roll it nearby to access the outlet with ease while still having access to your work surface on the workbench.

Black + Decker Workmate WM825

The Black + Decker Workmate WM825 is a solid workbench that will not disappoint you. It is a multi-functional workbench, since it can function as a workbench, saw horse, or vice making it incredibly handy for your multiple projects. This workbench is ultra solid and will not cave in on you when you are working on heavy projects up to 250 kg. The surface is flat and smooth to ensure that your project stays in place while you are working on it.

Seville Classics Ultra HD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench With Stainless Steel Top

This is an impressive workbench indeed, as it has plenty of storage – it has twelve drawers. This is ideal to store manuals, tools, nails, screws, bolts, and other items. Thus, everything will be easy to access when you need items quickly to work on an important task. This workbench is convenient, since it can be rolled to the exact location you need it to be. Other workbenches that are stationary restrict your motion and can prove to be somewhat inconvenient if they are not located near an electrical outlet.

Bosch PWB 600 Workbench

The Bosch PWB 600 Workbench is just the right size for a tight space. It allows you to have a good-sized surface to work on your task without taking up too much of the surrounding area – something of particular use if you have a lot of stuff in your garage. This workbench is ultra durable and can handle a project that weighs up to 150kg. The Bosch brand always delivers high quality products and this Bosch workbench is no exception guaranteeing its reliability every time you use it.

Oak Workbench BPSCA 1441 – TL12969 by Sip

The Oak Workbench BPSCA 1441 – TL12969 has proved itself to be a trustworthy garage workbench when you are working on various projects. It has a comfortable height level to allow you ease of access for the various parts of the project you are working on. This workbench is ideal to use for hobbies and when you have to repair something. The oak surface is clean looking and attractive, but it is made to handle the toughest jobs whenever they arise.

Sealey FWB1 Folding Workbench 235mm Capacity

This Sealey FWB1 Folding Workbench is ultra convenient, as it can fold away when it is not in use. Also, while it is stored away, it can still house your tools in storage slots. This saves you on space and helps to keep your tools organised. This workbench is fabricated with super durable MDF for the top surface to accommodate all the vim and vigour you put into your projects. This device will serve you well with the jaw grip anchorages which have been pre-drilled.

Silverline TB05 Heavy Duty Flip-Top Workbench, 150 kg

The Silverline TB05 Heavy Duty Flip-Top Workbench is truly a heavy-duty workbench that performs amazingly for you every time. When you are working on an important project, you can indeed rely on the rigid steel frame to provide the support that is needed even for heavy projects. You will be impressed that this top-rated workbench can accept up to 150 kg. This device has two adjustable work tops that combine to make a large work surface. Each one can be adjusted to various angles to help you when you need more precision or when you need to cut something at a certain angle.

Workbench BPSCA CWB1250 – TL14611 by Clarke International

This workbench is an attractive bluish shade that will pick up the dullness of your space by adding an intriguing ambiance. This workbench is designed to house a lot of tools. It has a large work surface, a drawer, two shelves, and a cabinet area with a door. This device is ultra sturdy and reviews state that it has a long lasting durability, allowing you to get a lot of projects done. This garage workbench is one of the most preferred choices among consumers.

Final Thoughts about Choosing your new Garage Workbench

Here we have reviewed some of top of the line garage workbenches, of different dimensions and styles. As you read through the reviews, think about the size of workbench you require, and what other features best suit your needs. For example, are you looking for a stationary workbench, or do you think you’ll appreciate one that easily rolls when you need to move it? And how important to you are aesthetics?

Do you have a ‘look’ in your garage that you want the workbench to compliment? Or is functionality the only thing that matters to you? All of these things should be taken into account when you make your garage workbench plans.

Other things to consider: how much storage do you need? Perhaps you will go for one of the workbenches with drawers, shelves and a cabinet. You may need the extra spaces to store your tools and materials. All the reviewed workbenches are incredibly durable and live up to their claims.

For example, the reviews show that consumers like the fact that the ones which are metal are made well so that they do not rust right away and that the top surfaces can handle the toughest jobs. All of these things should be taken into account when you make your garage workbench plans. Our top ten list has something for everyone and you should find within it some inspirational work bench ideas.