Best car phone holders


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll try to help you understand what a car phone holder is and how you can use an in car phone holder. We’ll also show you what kind of phone car mount is best to choose for your car and phone.

All this will help you give you a better appearance in public, showing your sophistication as an innovation follower. And, a person who knows how to better benefit from limited space in the car. Don’t risk breaking the law by holding your phone in your hand while driving. Instead, choose one of these phone holders.

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Car Phone Holders- Comfort and Safety.

A well-built car phone holder is more than just a holder. It’s a whole life-saver. A mobile phone car holder keeps your phone vertically within your reach and sight. It allows you to follow the screen without having to actually hold the phone itself. With a well adjustable phone holder, you will face no problems.

Now you can use your GPS while having your phone in front of you in the holder. Another advantage of phone holders is that most often they have adjustable designs. And, it can be installed literally anywhere in the car.

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Top 10 Car Phone Holder Units

On our Top 10 product list, we’ll put to test several car phone holders. And, try to choose the best car phone holder among them based on their general ratings, reviews and popularity with drivers. Some features that will be considered in our selection. And, rating will be the flexibility of the holder. Its capacity in both size and weight, its attachment method to the car and, of course, the price. With all these in mind, we’ll present to you only the best products.


These car mobile phone holder have been chosen by our experts to meet the standards expected by customers when looking for a product that allows them to safely. And, conveniently hold their mobile phone while driving. We have chosen a wide variety of different styles and ways to attach the holder to your car. As, all drivers have different preferences for how they choose to attach their car phone holder. Some love how easy it is to use a suction cup on the windscreen. While others are afraid that the suction will be lost while driving, causing the phone and holder to fall. The suction cup designs we have included all have excellent suction. But, if you are still not convinced, we have included several other types.

Cuxwill Windshield Car Mount Holder

This is the number one mobile phone holder for car. Here we present the Cuxwill Windshield Car Mount Holder. Currently with a saving of £15 on Amazon, the product is perfect for those who value ease of use, quality of product. And, of course safety of their phone. The adjustable design of the holder allows the user to easily fix and take it down with just one simple push of the finger. What’s more, the suction cup is strong enough to hold the heaviest of phones. And, holds up to multiple-time attachments and detachments. Compatible with most smartphone devices.

Torras Magnetic Car Phone Holder

If you are wondering which is the best car phone holder UK, then wonder no more. Behold the Torras magnetic car phone holder with a 360 degrees rotation promoting easy use. This holder is quite secure and flexible at the same time. It comes with powerful neodymium magnets in conjunction with 3M sturdy adhesive glue and a double magnet sheet. The capacity of this product is around 300-500g. It best works for iPhone and Samsung mobile devices, but most importantl. This magnetic car phone holder comes at a discounted price of £14.99 at the moment. Grab you chance.

Yiiyaa Cell Phone Holder for Car Vent

Yet another high-ranking phone car holder is Yiiyaa Cell Phone Holder. It boasts an easy one-touch lock and release function. As the name says, you can easily attach it to your car vent, keeping it closer in view and within easy reach. As with most car phone mounts, it’s also highly flexible, namely, you can rotate it 360 degrees adjusting it to a perfect angle for you to view. Despite its flexibility, it’s made of sturdy materials and is safe for long-term use. Having said this, you should also know that it’s soft TPU environment-friendly rubber to make sure the phone doesn’t get scratched. All this for as little as £7.99.

CRage Magnetic Mobile Phone Stand Mount Holder

Magnetic car phone holder CRage mobile phone stand mount holder. Yet another magnetic phone mount that is dazzling its users on the market. Similar to most phone stands it boasts high flexibility. You can easily set it at the best angle in the car both in a downward position and a dashboard stand style. You can attach it to your windshield with its powerful suction cup. Another advantage of this unit is that it has an extendable arm stretching from 1.7 to 9.5 inches, which also can be rotated 190 degrees by loosening the knob. What’s more, it’s all secure to use due to its enlarged magnetic contact area and enhanced magnets. The best bit, the price is just £9.89.

Belkin Universal In-Car Phone Holder

Another great car phone mount is coming up. Belkin Universal In-Car Phone Holder Cup Mount is unique in that you can comfortably place it in your car cup holder, and save a lot of space on your car dashboard and windshield. It firmly grips your phone and allows for 360 degrees rotation, which makes it easy to place your phone in both portrait and landscape positions. Another important feature of this unit is that you can control the circumference of its base making it possible to fit it into most cup holders. The unit cost is a bit expensive at £29.50 but the quality is worth the price.

Car Phone Mount Mpow Car Phone Holder

Another exciting car vent phone holder on our list is Car Phone Mount Mpow Car Phone Holder. It’s one of the easiest units to install, you just have to insert the non-slip rubber outlet into the car air vent. If you think that it might not fit into your air vent then you are gravely mistaken, since it’s equipped with a dual-sized claw, which allows the phone mount to perfectly fit thin and thick air vents equally. There’s just one downside to Mpow car phone holder though, it does not fit retraction type, arc-shaped and non-intensive air vents. But instead, it boasts a one-touch phone release and 360 degrees adjustability all of which costs just £7.99.

Wuteku Car Dash Mount Magnetic Smartphone Holder

If you are looking for the best phone holder for car, then have a look here. Wuteku’s Car Mobile Phone Holder is a truly unique car phone holder. Let us explain to you why. This product has a very strong magnetic holder for your device, so not only can it hold heavier smartphones, it can even be used for tablets. It will keep your device in place even if the road is very bumpy. It attaches wherever you like on the dash, by way of an adhesive strip, so it doesn’t rely on suction to stay put.

In Car Dashboard Desk Table Vertical / Horizontal Holder for Argos Alba 2.8″

Low cost brands are extremely popular these days, as more and more products prove to be just as good as their pricier counterparts. Electronics brand Alba is sold exclusively by Argos, and there are even some car phone holder Argos Alba special products on the market, such as this dashboard desk table. This can be used in the car or the home, and there are no adhesives used so there will be no stickiness left on your car interiors. The product is also washable, so it is easy to keep clean and looking nice.

Olixar GripMount

The windshield in car mobile phone holder is another popular option for car owners. These phone holders are directly attached to the windshield by the suction cup. The presence of the suction cup means that you can also attach it to your car’s dashboard. Therefore Olixar GripMount is the perfect choice for those who like shifting places. The advantages of this unit are that the suction cup can be used multiple times, it is compatible with most well-known smartphone brands as well as allowing for a 360-degree adjustability. The icing on the cake is that it comes with a 2-year Olixar manufacturer warranty making it worth trying out.

Arteck Universal Mobile Phone Car Mount Holder

Arteck Universal Mobile Phone holder is another user-friendly mobile phone holder car. It is designed to please the user and we’ll show you why. The holder has a sturdy suction cup allowing it to be attached to both the windshield and the dashboard. It can fit most of the mobile phones; its grip can stretch from 2.16 to 3.54 inches in width. Most importantly, it’s absolutely easy to install; you just have to peel off the protective film, tab the mount to the windshield or the dashboard, press and lock the holder and then adjust the angle and fasten the screw. As simple as that. The fun part is, this item costs just £6.99 on sale.

Final Remarks – The Best Car Phone Holder

If you have set your mind on getting a phone holder for car, then you are reading the right stuff. As you can see, the brands and varieties of car phone holders differ greatly. The major difference between these car accessories is their price. This, in turn, depends on the quality, brand and the materials used in its production.

What we want to say is if you want to buy a phone holder then first see its other features other than the material make-up. This will save you both time and money. If you have chosen to buy an Alba smartphone, then make sure you check out the range of phone holder for car Argos products on the market.

As you can see, prices can be misleading, and there are a whole host of features that you can base your choices on. So what are those? Well, one valuable feature that can make your life easier in your car with your phone holder car accessory, is a 360-degree adjustability. This allows you to look at your phone in both portrait and landscape modes; the latter is best for GPS.

Another important feature is its mode of attachment or placement. Well, in this you can choose among a suction holder, magnetic phone holder, cup mount holder and an air vent attachable holder. Choices vary and there is no good or bad choice. You take the one you like, although in case of magnetic holders there might be a problem if your phone works on a wireless charging mode. Now, you have all you need, the rest is up to you.