Best car covers for outdoor and indoor use


Anyone with a car, truck or SUV that they care about enough to protect, has likely thought about or tried one of the many car covers on the market.

For some, the experience was a good one, but for others who happen to make the wrong choice, frustration often ensues. Finding the “right fit” is not very difficult to do but there are a few things that should be considered when shopping around, especially when you are looking at outdoor car covers.

Before you put your car under a big blanket, make sure you use the right car shampoos for washing to avoid any defects or marks.

Types of Car Covers and Things to Consider

Choosing the best car covers requires you to make a checklist of features that are bests for your car and plan for how the cover will be used. This is important whether they be classic covers or protection for a modern vehicle, something that is true for covers for the car’s exterior as well as for car boot covers which protect the interior from pet damage and other types of wear and tear.

You will want to look at the type of material the cover is made of and whether it has the properties you need, such as being water resistant, waterproof and/or breathable material, elastic fittings and build quality. Knowing your requirements makes your task that much easier.

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Best Car Covers to Buy in 2018, With Reviews

2018 has been a great year for car covers. The same great options that we all know and love are still around, but there are a few newcomers as well which make shopping for the perfect protective cover for your car simple. We have scoured every online service, looking at the car covers eBay and Amazon have to offer. Here are our picks for the best car covers you can buy in 2018, whether they be classic car covers or protection for a modern vehicle, you are sure to see something that you will like.

Here are the links of some top quality new and classic car covers:

Tofern Half Size Waterproof Car Cover

This waterproof car cover is very user-friendly and protects your car from the elements. The cover is made of three layers of material which is durable and high density, and it comes with pockets for the rearview mirrors and reflective strips. The cover comes in a variety of sizes for different kinds of cars. You can have a look at all the car covers Tesco has on offer and then find a better deal through one of our links to

PRÜUF™ Executive Car Cover

PRÜUF™ Executive Car Cover is fully waterproof, stormproof and developed to fight against extreme conditions. The 3 under-car straps ensure that the cover is completely windproof. The front and rear hems are elasticated to make sure that the cover is 100% secure and safe. The cover comes with a 5-year guarantee and is available in different sizes. With a quality car cover, you should also invest in appropriate car pedal covers. Many manufacturers have pedal covers that are specific for particular car types only.

Sumex Indoor & Outdoor All Year Protection Breathable Full Car Cover

Sumex Indoor & Outdoor All Year Protection Breathable Full Car Cover is available in six different sizes. This car top cover is water resistant and protects the vehicle from rain, snow, ice, dust and UV rays etc. The cover comes with a handy bag in which to store it when you are not using it. The cover is made of a quality material with a soft inlay and has an elasticated hem so it will fit properly, which will also help to protect your car from scratches.

Maypole 9861 Breathable Full Car Cover

Maypole’s car cover is a type of specialised car covers that is created from polypropylene, which is felted rather than woven for better protection. The seams are all double-stitched and the cover has an elasticated hem that also has heavy-duty grommets and a tie cord to keep it attached. The cover is water resistant and is ideal for a car of medium size. This brand offers a breathable cover that protects your car from harsh weather in all seasons. All that is needed is for you to place the cover over the car when it is dry, leaving it there in order to protect it from the natural elements.

Carpoint 1723244 Tybond Full Car Cover

The Dutch brand Carpoint stands for high quality, low price, and fast delivery. This cover is designed for indoor use, is thin and lightweight, has no lining, but it is waterproof and seems to allow the car to breathe and dry out. Check out the metex car covers as well. If you keep your car in a garage, it can still be vulnerable to damp, dust and scratches, so it’s a good idea to get a cover for your prized possession. The covers are available in several different sizes, and are easy to use. Simply drape it over the car.

Kegel Cone 5 -3310 – 246 – 4010 Windscreen Tarpaulin Anti-freeze Winter Plus

Kegel Cone 5 -3310 – 246 – 4010 Windscreen Tarpaulin Anti-freeze Winter Plus is simple to fit and reasonably robust. The cover makes a barrier against UV rays and saves a lot of scraping on early morning work runs. The cover is a quality product that lasts for years. The price is also convenient. To have a complete idea, you can check the offers at Argos car covers and then find the best deal through one of our links to

AoE Performance COVERXXL2_34 Ultimate Weather Protection Breathable Waterproof Car Cover

The car covers from AoE Performance are made with a breathable PVC with a nonwoven inlay. These car dust covers will provide protection against dirt, scratches, bad weather etc. The covers are waterproof and have an elasticated edge for a good fit. They come with an exclusive unique air ventilation system that prevents moisture and reduces heat build-up. Satisfied customers report that it both protects the paint from sun damage and prevents the locks from freezing in cold weather. These covers are just what you need to protect your vehicle throughout the year.

Cosmos Indoor Garage Car Cover Large

Cosmos Indoor Garage car covers come in different colors. The material quality is superb and comes with a storage bag. They appear to be very well made for the price and fit your car perfectly. They are breathable dustproof covers that are ideal for use in a garage. Apart from Cosmos, you may have a look at Hamilton car covers. They come with professional products for classic and sports cars including luxury car covers, breathable outdoor car covers, and indoor dustproof car covers.

Vinteky High Quality Fully Waterproof Car Cover

Vinteky produces among the best car covers on the market. The waterproof car cover is breathable in order to ensure that moisture and heat do not get trapped underneath it. It also has an elastic bottom that holds the cover tightly around the car. The cover has mirror pockets. and is made of cotton breathable fabric. The fabric allows good air circulation under the cover, prevents moisture and reduces heat build-up. The cover protects your car from snow, rain, ice, sunlight, industrial pollutants, airborne dust, bird droppings, tree sap and more.

Classic ROVER/AUSTIN Mini Breathable Water Resistant Protective Car Cover

Classic ROVER/AUSTIN Mini Breathable Water Resistant Protective Car Cover gives an excellent all-around protection from weather, dust, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. The cover is made of non-woven polypropylene and comes with double stitched seams. The cover is easily put on and has an elasticated bottom for a snug fit. You also get a free bag to store the cover for future use. This car cover has extremely tough outer layering which also includes a cotton lining.

The Best Car Covers Available are Waiting for You

By now, you should have a pretty good idea as to what kinds of differences exist between car covers. While they may all look similar, they are clearly very different when you look a little closer. Some are for inside the garage, while others are built to withstand extreme cold, snow, and ice. For a good summary of all the different types available, have a look at all the car covers Argos has on offer and then find a better deal through one of our links to

Protecting your vehicle does not mean a great deal of time and money. A small initial investment in a great quality, snug-fitting car cover can actually save you money in the long run. Nowadays, covers are made for just about any type of vehicle. It does not matter what kind of vehicle you have, it needs to be protected by a cover.

There are different types of covers, such as waterproof car covers, water-resistant covers and breathable covers. They protect your vehicle from sun, wind, snow, rain, dirt, scratches and dust, fog, tree resin, bird droppings and pet damage. A car cover is a small investment in both money and time, but it offers protection from a variety of different issues. It’s well worth it.