Best android car stereos and head units


Do you feel like the technology of your car’s sound system leaves something to be desired? Or has your head unit malfunctioned, maybe beyond repair? Looking for a replacement but not sure what to buy? Android car stereo – find out more!

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back on this one. If you’re looking for an Android upgrade because you want the seamless connectivity between old and new Android phones, then this article is just for you.

Below is a compilation of the top five when it comes to an Android auto aftermarket head unit, focusing on the Android car stereo that launched this year. Each head unit’s specifications, price, and comparative value are set out in detail.

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Why Go for an Android Car Stereo?

Gone are the days when the only in-car entertainment was an FM radio/cassette player, offering nothing… But, local stations and limited by the number of cassettes you could fit in your car. The introduction of the Android car stereo has precipitated a revolution.

It allows you to stream music by linking your phone directly to your Android stereo. Most stereos, and especially Pioneer Android Auto, are voice-controlled, meaning you don’t have to let go of the steering wheel to sort out whether to listen to R’n’B or country music. The Android stereo is there to enhance comfort and be user-oriented, meaning you can easily access everything from Google Maps to Skype, calls and messages to radio, and much more.

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The Top Android Car Stereo

Choosing the best Android car radio involves consideration of several individual and personal factors. You might be looking for a budget-friendly car stereo; an expensive, stylish and glamorous Android head unit, or just a simple and effective one. In any event, there are a few essential things which always need to be checked out, including compatibility with your phone, size of display/touchscreen, warranty and durability. All these factors have been considered, and a list of the best – and only the best – compiled below.

For Android Auto Stereo:

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Pioneer AVH-X7800BT Single Din 7-Inch

This piece of Android kit is magnificent in every way. From the fold-out 7-inch touchscreen clear display to the design of the whole stereo, this is definitely one of the best Android car stereos on the market.

It features a DVD/CD player which will play music and video, the USB port handily supports iPhone, iPod, and Android control, and the inbuilt Bluetooth offers a hands-free facility and allows you to keep streaming your audios. The only down-side is that it only has one USB socket.

Pioneer FH-X720BT Double Din Car Stereo

Pioneer spared no expense in designing and building this Android double din car stereo. It has several options for entertainment, including playing CDs, MP3 music and a USB music option. It also has inbuilt Bluetooth for receiving calls and other audio-streaming from your phone.

This stereo has a multi-coloured RGB display that changes colour to the rhythm and beat of the song being played. It also possesses the new Siri Eyes-Free. Whereby you can use voice-activation to ask a question without letting go of the steering wheel. The stereo also provides the option of fitting exterior components. Like subwoofers and other types of speaker, to enhance the sound.

Kenwood DDX31 °F8J037bt

Kenwood is one of the top manufacturers of post-sales car parts, and, as such, have come up with this perfectly-designed Android car stereo. The Android Auto features a 15.7 cm (approximately 6-inch) touchscreen monitor. And, it has a Bluetooth hands-free feature which allows you to stream music and receive calls with ease.

The stereo can also play DVD/CDs, and has a USB port as an option.
The Android Auto also acts as a rear camera, with a front and sub monitor, to help you drive comfortably in the toughest situations. Other features include Siri voice-control, a charging option for smartphones. And, the Kenwood remote app for detailed control.

Kenwood DMX11 °F8 M550bt

If you like a large display, then the DMX11 °F8 M550bt is for you. It has audio streaming and a 17.3cm (approximately 7-inch) high-resolution touchscreen monitor, which allows you to access calls hands-free. The USB option is also available, allowing you to play stored audio and video with ease.

The Android stereo enables you to charge your smartphone and play radio. And, even has Ask Siri voice-activation, allowing you to access maps and other menu features without your hands leaving the steering wheel. The monitor also displays front, rear, and sub camera output.

Sony XAV68BT

Sony XAV68BT is a well-designed Android stereo with the usual features needed for user-assist, comfort and entertainment. These include a DVD/CD player for videos and mp3. An inbuilt Bluetooth hands-free function; and the ever-popular music-streaming option. The stereo works for both Android and Apple. The monitor is a 6.2-inch work of art and it is super-bright. It allows users to see even in the most blinding sunshine. A point worth noting is that the DVD cannot play videos when the vehicle is moving, due to pre-installed safety features.

Kenwood DMX100BT

The Kenwood DMX100BT features an impressive 6.8 inches of touchscreen display, with an inbuilt bluetooth hands-free function for calls and audio streaming.

This stereo also has a USB port, enabling users to play music and videos. Other features include Ask Siri, a smartphone charging option, and radio text plus. The monitor also displays images from the front, reverse, rear and sub cameras. There have been concerns over the stereo’s potential incompatability with older-generation smartphones. So, check this out before you buy.

Eonon GA8156 Android 7.1

The Enon GA8156 Android car stereo features the latest Android 7.1 Nougat. The stereo features 2GB RAM. It allows apps and other features to run smoothly. It also comes with a 16 GB ROM to allow you to add and store more apps.

The monitor is a 7-inch touchscreen display with an impressive resolution of 1024*600. There is a connection to both Android and Apple, via USB and WiFi respectively. The impressive design of the stereo is cemented by the split-screen option that enables you to perform two tasks simultaneously.

The Pumpkin Double Din Car Stereo

Pumpkin Double Din Stereo is an interesting and intriguing name for a totally unique kind of car stereo that focuses on user experience.

Its features include a 7-inch monitor display with resistive touchscreen, a hands-free facility for receiving calls, and Bluetooth streaming music. The stereo has a USB option and a DVD player, and also features reverse camera output. It has the latest Android Wince 6 system backed by an 800MHz CPU, allowing it to offer all-round stable performance.

YINUO 7-Inch 2 Din Touch Screen Car Stereo

This comes with a Wince 6.0 Android system, backed by an 800 MHz CPU; a combination which ensures stability of performance. The 7-inch touchscreen monitor, with a resolution of 800*480, makes entertainment and other user-assist options easy and enjoyable.

The stereo comes with a free external mic, a DVD player and a USB option. The manufacturers offer a 12-month warranty on this product, thereby demonstrating the level of confidence that they have in the stereo’s resilience and durability.

YINUO Silver 7-inch Android 5.1

YINUO has recently been at the forefront of production of some of the best Android car stereos on the market, and this stereo is no exception. It comes with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop OS, a quad core CPU, DDR3 1 GB RAM, and an impressive 16GB ROM.

The stereo supports CD/DVD, as well as the more modern option of USB. It offers a 7-inch 1080p display, as well as the hands-free and 3G/WIFI/Hotspot options. This product comes with a 30-day return policy on Amazon, or a 12-month warranty.

The Best Android Car Stereo: A Summary

All the above types of Android head unit are the best on the market, and offer the lastest technology. When making your choice, you will need to consider your budget as well as your actual preference, because each stereo has something different to offer.

Pioneer and Kenwood, being the most famous and trustworthy brands, may be your first pick, but don’t be afraid to test the new brands. Since they have to prove themselves, these newbies offer customer-friendly prices which may belie the quality of their stereos.

If you want that extra screen with features like touchscreens, DVD and navigation, then the double din head unit Android is what you are looking for. But it’s important first to check whether your car is compatible. And, it has the required dashboard size to fit the double din. If your car’s space is limited, don’t worry; just look for the screw-fit mounted version.

This will enable you to fit the Android auto on top of the dashboard in a manner that still looks elegant. There is little or no difference between the respective prices of the double din head unit that will fit your car. And, the one which you will have to screw onto the dashboard. Once you have factored in all your personal circumstances, any one of the products featured above would make a perfect choice.